“I came to know about MohBad only after his passing,” says Actress Remmy Njoku

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Renowned Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku, who isn’t a fan of Marlian music, revealed that she was unaware of MohBad until the unfortunate news of his death.

Jason Njoku’s wife mentioned that she listened to MohBad’s songs and watched distressing videos online for the first time, leaving her in tears.

Expressing her desire for justice, she questioned the value of human life in Nigeria following his tragic passing.

She remarked, “I haven’t been a huge follower of Marlian music. I found the songs a bit overwhelming for my taste. Therefore, I hadn’t heard of this young talent. But last night, listening to his songs and watching the videos circulating the internet was heart-wrenching. It makes me wonder, what truly is the worth of a human life in Nigeria? Haba.”

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