BBNaija: Mercy Eke Responds to CeeC and Pere’s Conflict, Stresses Importance of Positivity

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Mercy Eke, a contestant from BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars edition, has shared her perspective on the recent clash between fellow housemates CeeC and Pere.

The disagreement originated from differences in handling house chores.

Usually, Pere and Ceec manage the cleaning of the dining area every morning. However, on this particular day, CeeC expressed disinterest and mentioned doing it later.

This decision didn’t sit well with the housemates, particularly Adekunle, who suggested that CeeC should fulfill her responsibilities. He raised concerns about the consequences of neglecting duties, which could lead to a dirty house.

Pere offered to handle the task alone, and the other present housemates agreed not to escalate the situation. They asked Ike to convey the importance of adhering to chore schedules.

Ike approached CeeC and conveyed the housemates’ dissatisfaction with her departure during the meeting. CeeC became upset, using strong words against both the housemates and Pere.

Defending herself, CeeC pointed out that Angel, Alex, and Mercy had also missed the meeting. She deemed it unfair to be singled out.

CeeC confronted Pere once again while he was outside doing his laundry.

During their argument, CeeC insulted Pere, his parents, and grandparents, even labeling him a coward.

Later, Mercy Eke, another housemate, shared her thoughts.

She stated, “They’re avoiding chores to create issues. They focus on it, raise their voices, and generate negativity. Negativity won’t prevail this season. It’s driving them to anger and conflict, but it won’t succeed in this All Stars.”

Mercy emphasized the need for a positive approach, disregarding Ceec’s actions as seeking confrontation and highlighting that there’s nothing strong about it.

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