BBNaija: Cross Unveils CeeC’s Strategy of Creating Conflict for Attention

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Cross, a housemate from BBNaija’s Season 8 All-Stars edition, disclosed to his friend Kim Oprah the approach fellow housemate CeeC was adopting within the Big Brother house.

Cross made this statement shortly after CeeC engaged in a heated argument with Pere, his close friend, over house duties.

Pere had requested CeeC’s assistance with chores, but her response led to a tense verbal exchange in front of other housemates.

Following this incident, Cross informed Kim Oprah that CeeC’s strategy involved instigating conflicts to portray herself as a target of opposition within the house.

He commented, “CeeC’s strategy is to turn the entire house against her. That seems to be the new strategy in town.”

Some reactions from viewers include:

@williamz_core: “If she’s trying to make everyone go against her, it won’t end well for her. If they unite against her, she’ll be in trouble.”

@Oluchi451921134: “And your strategy is to turn the house against her. Keep playing your games.”

@Allegrata3: “The house was already against CeeC. Kim, Doyin, and others planned to provoke her since Monday, and now they’re pretending to be innocent. At least hate her openly.”

@OtavboruoOvie: “Nonsensical talk. She’s had arguments with ILEBAYE and Alex, and today they’re speaking amicably, but she wants to involve the whole house. Yesterday, Angel insulted her for no reason, she apologized an hour later, and Cecee brushed it off. Today she’s quarreling with Pere, and you can see the support to provoke her.”

@Jaybaby75410207: “Did she ask them to gang up against her? No. So, they’re the foolish ones selling this narrative, not her.”

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