Demola Odulaja Accuses Ex-Wife Farida Sobowale of Infidelity

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Demola Odulaja Accuses Ex-Wife Farida Sobowale of Infidelity

Demola Odulaja, the husband of businesswoman Farida Sobowale, has made serious allegations against his ex-wife, accusing her of having affairs with 18 of his friends. These claims surfaced following Farida’s recent suicidal attempt on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

In an interview, Demola Odulaja revealed that Farida’s suicide attempt was triggered by the collapse of their marriage. He claimed that she had been involved in extramarital affairs with at least 18 of his known friends, including a neighbor. He also refuted claims that he was a playboy and countered that those accusations were meant to cover up Farida’s infidelity.

He described various instances where he confronted Farida about her behavior and alleged that she had even stayed at his brother’s house for extended periods of time.

Demola Odulaja also mentioned Farida’s previous marriage to Tunde Shobowale and shared details of their own relationship over the years. He expressed his disbelief at the accusations of being a gigolo, asserting that he comes from a wealthy background and has been living a comfortable life.

These allegations have come to light after Farida Sobowale’s suicide attempt brought attention to their troubled marriage and personal issues.

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