Hardship: Tinubu Wades In As Protests Rock States, Abuja

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“Amidst nationwide protests triggered by the removal of petrol subsidy, President Bola Tinubu held a meeting with Organised Labour leaders at the State House in Abuja to address their concerns and economic challenges resulting from the subsidy removal. The Labour leaders expressed satisfaction with the discussions, but there was no definitive assurance about suspending the protests. The nationwide protests took place across states, with the Organised Labour demanding the reversal of anti-poor policies implemented by the federal government, such as the increase in fuel prices, school fees, and value-added tax. The National Assembly has appealed for one week to intervene in the negotiations between the Labour union and the presidency to find a solution to the issues raised during the protests. Additionally, 17 civil society organizations called for the introduction of a comprehensive social protection program to aid the poor and vulnerable during this economic situation.”

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