NIPR President Emphasizes the Vitality of Security for Nigeria’s Growth and Survival

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NIPR President Emphasizes the Vitality of Security for Nigeria’s Growth and Survival

The President of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Malam Mukhtar Sirajo, highlighted the crucial role of security in the growth and survival of Nigeria. His remarks came during the official presentation of the report from the Citizens Summit, titled “Rebooting Nigeria 2.0,” which took place in August 2022.

The Citizens Summit aimed to objectively assess the nation’s current state and analyze findings from credible sources regarding the challenges facing the country. It provided a platform for Nigerians at home and abroad to peacefully express their concerns and contribute to the national dialogue on nation-building.

Sirajo emphasized the importance of effective and dynamic security measures implemented by the new service chiefs to ensure economic stability. The situational analysis conducted revealed various issues, including a loss of hope among the youth, widening trust gaps between the people and state institutions, and mounting social tensions due to violent aspirations and agitations.

While commending President Bola Tinubu’s efforts in consensus building and reconciliation, the NIPR recommended professional coordination and management of these engagements to ensure desired results and prevent potential backlashes.

Sirajo expressed the NIPR’s willingness to work with the federal, state, and local governments, along with their partners, in managing these engagements and ensuring credible and sustainable outcomes.

Dr. Ike Neliaku, the Chairman of the National Planning Committee for the Citizen’s Summit, emphasized the need for collaborative action and positive thinking to drive the country’s success. He highlighted the importance of widening the space for inclusion and participation in the national conversation to foster mutual understanding among different segments of the country.

Prof. Emmanuel Dandaura, a member of the NIPR Council, presented the report and stressed the importance of involving the majority of citizens who feel the impact of national challenges in finding solutions. He compared governance to a computer system, highlighting the need for continuous updates and threat assessments to address vulnerabilities and remove malicious elements.

The summit report covered various thematic areas, including youth, women, security, education, economy, industry, foreign investment, national reputation, inclusive governance, and Nigeria’s position in a globalized economy.

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