Osun Muslims Defend Governor Adeleke, Dismiss Marginalization Claims

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The Osun State Muslim Community (OSMC), an umbrella organization representing Muslim groups in the state, has dismissed allegations of marginalization against Governor Ademola Adeleke regarding the composition of his cabinet nominees.

During a press briefing as part of the activities marking the 1445 Hijrah Calendar, Sheikh Mustapha Olayiwola, the President of OSMC, stated that Governor Adeleke has been fair and balanced in his appointments thus far.

Sheikh Olayiwola highlighted that key positions in the governor’s administration, such as the Chief of Staff, Secretary to the State Government, and spokesperson, have all been filled by Muslims. He emphasized that these appointments demonstrate the governor’s inclusivity and consideration for the Muslim community.

Furthermore, Sheikh Olayiwola pointed out that the appointment of commissioners is not solely within the governor’s discretion, as multiple factors are taken into account. He expressed confidence that more appointments will be made, and additional Muslims will be included in the cabinet.

The OSMC encouraged Muslims to actively participate in politics rather than abstaining under the misconception that it is a dirty game. They emphasized the importance of Muslim engagement in the political sphere for the benefit of the community.

Overall, the OSMC affirmed its support for Governor Adeleke, stating that he has not marginalized Muslims in the state and that they anticipate further appointments in which Muslims will be adequately represented.

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