Olubadan Suspends Egungun Festival Due to Violence

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The Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Lekan Balogun, has decided to suspend the celebration of the Egungun festival due to reports of violence, arson, and looting by unidentified hoodlums taking advantage of the ongoing festival in Ibadan.

In a statement issued by his Personal Assistant (Media), Oladele Ogunsola, Oba Balogun has called for an emergency meeting with the leaders of the masquerades, known as Alaagbaa in Ibadanland, at the ancient Aliiwo Palace in Agodi, Ibadan.

Expressing his concern, Oba Balogun stated that he had previously warned against any untoward incidents accompanying the festival. However, the reports he received were contradictory to the assurances given by the masquerade leaders.

As a responsible leader, Oba Balogun expressed his unwillingness to ignore the plight of his subjects, who are experiencing agony and living in constant fear due to the activities of a few individuals who refuse to abide by the law.

In light of these circumstances, the Olubadan has invoked the suspension clause and the duration of the suspension will be determined based on the outcome of the meeting scheduled for Monday afternoon.

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