Federal Government and Lagos State Government Take Action to Clear Shanties and Extortion Points on Port Access Roads

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The Federal Government, in collaboration with the Lagos State Government, has initiated a clearance operation to remove shanties and extortion points along the access roads leading to the ports in Lagos.

The presence of shanties and extortion points has contributed to traffic gridlocks on major roads and has allowed miscreants and hoodlums to cause daily disturbances in the area.

The operation, which commenced yesterday, involves the participation of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, Nigeria Police Force, security department of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), and the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).

Speaking on behalf of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, Hassan Adekoya, the Head of Operations for the Lagos State Special Traffic Management Committee, affirmed the state government’s commitment to improving the standards of the ports in Lagos and removing any obstacles that hinder trade facilitation.

The governor’s representative expressed support for the NPA’s initiative, emphasizing the importance of maintaining clean, safe, and secure port environments. He stated that the clearance operation will continue until the message of the government’s efforts to sanitize the ports is effectively conveyed.

The clearance operation will span a period of seven days, starting from the Apapa Port Complex and covering areas such as Lilypond, Tin-Can first and second gates, and Kirikiri Lighter Terminal one and two.

An official from the NPA, who preferred to remain anonymous, explained that the agency initiated the clearance operation due to concerns over the increasing unauthorized presence around the port area.

The joint efforts of the Federal Government, NPA, and Lagos State Government aim to create a conducive and orderly environment for trade activities by removing illegal structures and addressing security challenges along the port access roads.

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