Southeast Loses N4 Trillion to Insecurity in 24 Months, Says Deputy Speaker

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Mr. Benjamin Kalu, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, revealed that the Southeast region of Nigeria has lost over N4 trillion due to insecurity in the past two years. He made this statement during his address at the annual all markets conference in Lagos.

Kalu emphasized that the rising insecurity in the region has had a significant impact on business investments, with many investors opting to stay away due to the constant sit-at-home orders. He stressed that insecurity remains a major problem in the East, and the people of the region need to address the issue collectively.

He further expressed concern about the frequent killings and kidnappings happening in the Southeast, stating that it goes against the identity of the Igbo people. Kalu called on the Igbo community to denounce the violence and work together to create a safe and secure environment in their land.

In a related development, Prof. Okonkwo Obiora, Chairman of United Nigeria Airlines, acknowledged the support Igbo traders gave to the governor during the March 2023 governorship election in Lagos. He highlighted the importance of peaceful coexistence between the Yoruba and Igbo communities in Lagos, noting that they have lived harmoniously for over a century.

Obiora emphasized that the Igbo thrive in peaceful and accommodating environments, and their contributions to the economy are significant when they are welcomed and respected. However, he stressed that living in Lagos does not imply that the land belongs to the Igbo, as the Igbo have their own homelands.

He called for good neighborliness, respect for the laws of the land, and a reciprocal relationship between the Igbo community and the host states where they reside and do business.

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