Enugu Residents Appeal to Governor Mbah to End Sit-at-Home Order

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Residents of Enugu State are calling on Governor Dr. Peter Mbah for assistance in addressing the continuous enforcement of the sit-at-home order by a faction of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) led by Simon Ekpa. The residents expressed their fatigue with the prolonged sit-at-home order, which has inflicted hardships, pain, and hunger on them.

Several individuals shared their experiences and losses due to the sit-at-home order. A trader at Abakpa market mentioned the negative impact on her business, as she struggled to pay school fees and shop rent. The residents urged the state government to take immediate security measures to bring an end to the order, as they longed for the freedom of movement.

Traders at Ogbete main market lamented losses and reduced patronage caused by the sit-at-home order. They expressed their support for the governor’s efforts to ensure security and put an end to the order, emphasizing the detrimental effect it has had on the Southeast economy.

A manufacturer in the state highlighted the economic consequences of the sit-at-home order, stressing the need for urgent measures to curb it. He voiced his support for the governor’s actions, criticizing those supporting the order and expressing concern for the welfare of Igbo residents.

In Nsukka, parents raised concerns about the impact on their children’s education, as schools remained closed due to the sit-at-home order. The parents found it challenging to cope with the hardships caused by the order and called on Governor Mbah to increase security personnel in their areas. They commended the governor for his efforts to end insecurity and noted that Enugu State had not experienced any attacks since the ban on sit-at-home.

Comrade Nduka Eze, speaking to traders in Enugu, urged residents to resist the influence of Simon Ekpa and his attempt to dictate their lives. He pledged to mobilize civil society groups to protest against Finland for harboring Ekpa and his cohorts while they carried out attacks on innocent citizens.

Governor Mbah had previously declared an end to the sit-at-home order and warned that those enforcing it would face legal consequences. The government’s stance has gained support from pro-Biafra groups, the Church, civil society, town unions, professional bodies, and traditional rulers. Joint security forces have reportedly killed some unknown gunmen and made arrests in the state.

Note: The content of this article is fictional and created for the purpose of demonstration.

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