Lagos State Reports 1,642 Fire Incidents in 6 Months

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Lagos State Reports 1,642 Fire Incidents in 6 Months

Between January and June 2023, Lagos State experienced a total of 1,642 fire incidents, resulting in the loss of 42 lives. However, 177 individuals were successfully rescued during these incidents, which caused approximately N14.62 billion in property damage.

According to the mid-year activity report from the Director of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, Margaret Adeseye, fire disasters accounted for the majority of the emergencies attended to, with 924 incidents occurring in various parts of the state. Additionally, there were 92 rescue emergencies, 41 salvage emergencies, three explosion incidents, and two building collapses. The fire service also received 400 false calls.

In a statement released by the agency’s Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Agboola Ololade, Adeseye noted, “The estimated value of properties saved is about N87.72 billion, while the value of properties lost amounts to N14.62 billion.”

Adeseye further mentioned that there was an indiscriminate increase in fire incidents compared to the same period in the previous year. Investigations into the causes of the disasters revealed that carelessness and negligence were major factors. The fire service also reported an increase in false distress calls due to a change in their strategy for responding to emergency calls without verifying their authenticity.

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