Governor Adeleke Accused of Excluding Women, Youths, and Muslims from Cabinet List — MURIC, CSOs

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Adeleke • Governor’s spokesperson claims gender sensitivity

By Shina Abubakar, OSOGBO

A coalition of Civil Society Organizations, known as The Osun Masterminds (TOM), has alleged that Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has neglected to include women and youths in his cabinet list.

Likewise, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) criticized the list of commissioner nominees, accusing the governor of marginalizing, shortchanging, and oppressing Muslims in the state.

Speaking on behalf of the organizations, Professor Wasiu Oyedokun-Alli, the Executive Director of TOM, expressed disappointment that out of the 25 names submitted for screening and confirmation, only two were women.

Oyedokun-Alli stated: “We are deeply disappointed that the Osun State government, led by Senator Ademola Adeleke, has not been fair to the women in our state. This gender imbalance was first evident when the House of Assembly was inaugurated in June. Surprisingly, all 26 members of the House are men, despite the important roles women have played in politics and governance in our state.”

“Upon examining the higher levels of government, one might question whether the Adeleke administration has an agenda against the women of our state. From the Governor to the Deputy Governor, Secretary to the State Government, and the Chief of Staff, none are female.”

“To further exacerbate our concerns about the Adeleke administration’s mishandling of gender inclusion, only two women were included in the list of 25 commissioner nominees. This represents a significant setback in achieving gender balance in public service.”

“We are deeply troubled that the government of Senator Ademola Adeleke is displaying an anti-female stance. Are the highly qualified women of our state not deserving of positions in governance? Are they only good for political rallies and cheerleading? This government must do better to reassure the female population in Osun State and the global community that it values women and will provide them with prominent roles in government.”

In response, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) issued a statement through its Executive Director, Ishaq Akintola, noting that Adeleke’s list of nominees consists of seven Muslims and 17 Christians.

The group accused the governor of “marginalization, shortchanging, and oppression of Muslims” in the state.

The statement reads: “We condemn the deliberate denial of privileges that should be granted to Muslims. Governor Adeleke, through deception and spiritual manipulation, has displayed dishonorable and disgraceful conduct, aiming to perpetuate the marginalization, shortchanging, and oppression of Muslims in Osun state.”

“Adeleke acts as a secret agent for the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), akin to the legendary James Bond, with a license to kill.”

“Let it be clear, we stand for meritocracy, but merit is not exclusive to Christianity. There are highly qualified Muslims in large numbers who deserve fair treatment and equity. Gone are the days when anyone could deceive Muslims.”

Governor Adeleke’s spokesperson defends him, claiming gender sensitivity

Responding to the allegations against his administration, Governor Adeleke’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, stated that the governor is supportive of women’s rights and is sensitive to gender issues. The spokesperson emphasized that it is premature to judge the administration on gender and affirmative actions, as only a small percentage of statutory appointments have been made so far.

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