As APC governors convene

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As APC governors convene

In a bid to safeguard his position, the embattled National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Abdullahi Adamu, held a meeting with the state chairmen of the party to provide them with an update on his performance.

Meanwhile, the Progressive Governors’ Forum (PGF) is scheduled to convene today to discuss the party’s current state of affairs in preparation for the rescheduled National Caucus and National Executive Committee (NEC) meetings.

During the opening session of the gathering, which followed his recent meeting with APC governors, Adamu also sought political support from party stakeholders, including President Bola Tinubu.

While encouraging the party chairmen to promptly notify the National Working Committee (NWC) about any crises at the state or national level, the party chairman emphasized the importance of the meeting, considering that the chairmen are the ones who bear the brunt of challenges in their respective states.

Adamu had stirred controversy last week when he distanced the party’s NWC from the appointment of principal officers in the National Assembly. Furthermore, his failure to provide an audited report of the party’s finances over the past year had caused internal disagreements within the NWC.

Additionally, there have been speculations that certain party stakeholders, particularly from the South West, have compiled a list of Adamu’s alleged wrongdoings, which they intend to utilize to garner the president’s support for his removal.

Adamu’s meeting with APC chairmen

Addressing the chairmen, Adamu stated, “We believed that holding a meeting with you as the chairmen, who bear the brunt – while the governors are the heads of our party in the states – you are the ones who run the party on a daily basis. A harmonious understanding between you, the governors, and the members of the NWC will greatly contribute to the kind of leadership we aspire to have for the party.”

“Furthermore, it will foster a better understanding if you are aware of the direction we are taking at the national level, so that we can all align ourselves and progress together.”

“Simultaneously, if we observe any issues arising either at the state or national level, it is your responsibility to share them with us, whether they occur within your domain or ours. By doing so, we can collectively address these matters. Such collaboration can only be achieved through periodic gatherings and meetings like this one.”

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