APC Allegedly Preparing for Presidential Election Re-run, Labour Party Chairman Warns

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The National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Mr. Julius Abure, has called on party members to remain vigilant following information he received about the All Progressives Congress (APC) allegedly preparing for a possible re-run of the 2023 presidential election. Abure explained that the ruling party is aware of the unfavorable situation it faces in the ongoing legal challenge to the presidential election results declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

During an online meeting with the Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy, Abure emphasized the need for LP members to be prepared to further challenge and embarrass the APC and its government in the polls if their alleged plan fails. He urged the party’s over 10 million members to be on high alert and ready to respond.

Abure stated, “Rumors have it that those in government are already planning for a rerun, and this is one of the supports we will be canvassing from you. We should also be getting prepared because since all those in government are already preparing for a rerun, we should not be taken unawares. So, we will be needing your engagement and support on this aspect if, by chance, the election is nullified, which is not what we are asking for because we are asking for an outright declaration of Peter Obi as the President of Nigeria.”

He expressed confidence in the LP’s case and its evidence presented to the court, stating that they hope the tribunal and, if necessary, the Supreme Court, will rule in their favor. Abure also emphasized the LP’s determination to build on their successes and create a stronger party that strategically serves the disadvantaged people of Nigeria.

Ambassador Oseloka Obaze, the Director of ObiDatti Presidential Campaign, urged LP members in the diaspora to see the struggle to regain the party’s mandate as a collective responsibility. He emphasized the importance of remaining focused on their various sectors and encouraged diaspora members to support the LP’s efforts.

Professor Eddie Oparaoji, the Chairman of the Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy, highlighted the potential for the diaspora community to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s development through advocacy, human rights promotion, capacity building, investment, education, healthcare support, and policy advocacy.

The allegations of the APC preparing for a re-run election indicate the ongoing political tensions and legal battles surrounding the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

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