Vice Admiral Gambo Announces Departure from Nigerian Navy, Expresses Confidence in its Strength and Progress

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Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo, the former Chief of the Naval Staff, bid farewell to the Nigerian Navy, stating that he leaves with a sense of fulfillment, having achieved significant advancements in various areas of the service, resulting in a stronger and improved Nigerian Navy.

Addressing attendees at the Pulling/Sailing Out Ceremony held at the NNS Quorra parade ground in Apapa, Lagos, Gambo highlighted the notable improvements made by the Navy in operations, logistics, manpower development, and personnel welfare.

He also emphasized the noteworthy achievements in combating crude oil theft, piracy, counterinsurgency operations, fleet modernization, and infrastructural development, among other areas.

Acknowledging the successes attained by the Nigerian Navy, including its increased capacity to project force across the Gulf of Guinea in support of neighboring countries and international partners, Gambo attributed these accomplishments to teamwork, integrity, and professionalism.

He expressed his gratitude to God for a successful naval career and recognized the sacrifices made by some of his professional colleagues who lost their lives in the line of duty during domestic and international campaigns, including ECOMOG, counter-piracy, and counter-insurgency operations.

Gambo credited the achievements accomplished under his leadership to the collective effort of the Navy’s personnel and underscored the importance of teamwork and professionalism. He also expressed appreciation to former President Muhammadu Buhari for entrusting him with the responsibility of leading the Nigerian Navy and for his support and encouragement throughout his tenure as the Chief of the Naval Staff.

Reflecting on his vision and mission upon assuming the position of CNS, Gambo emphasized the objective of revitalizing the Nigerian Navy and transforming it into a well-motivated and prepared naval force capable of fulfilling its constitutional mandate and addressing emerging national security challenges.

As he concluded his tenure, Vice Admiral Gambo commended the officers, ratings, and civilian staff of the Nigerian Navy for their loyalty and dedication, which contributed to the significant achievements made. He urged all personnel to remain steadfast in their service to the country for the overall well-being of Nigeria.

The Pulling/Sailing Out ceremony was attended by Vice Admiral Gambo’s immediate family, current and former service chiefs, senior military officers, captains of industries, traditional rulers, and friends from various backgrounds.

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