Urgent Action Needed: Tinubu Should Address Security Crisis

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Urgent Action Needed: Tinubu Should Address Security Crisis

The Nigerian Constitution and international human rights instruments emphasize the importance of protecting the lives and security of citizens. However, Nigeria is currently facing severe insecurity, including terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping. In his inaugural address, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu vowed to address these issues and took immediate steps by appointing Service Chiefs and a National Security Adviser. He expressed his commitment to the welfare of the armed forces and addressing the challenges they face.

The President’s focus on security is commendable, as it is the primary responsibility of the state to protect its citizens. Nigeria is on the verge of state failure, with rising violence, loss of border control, ethnic and religious tensions, high unemployment, inflation, and other indicators of a failing state. The country has witnessed senseless killings, millions of unemployed youths, and food shortages due to prolonged insurgency.

The recent spread of insecurity to the North-West and North-Central regions threatens food security and lives. This dire situation presents the government as inept, callous, and indifferent to human life, tarnishing Nigeria’s image internationally and deterring potential investors. Therefore, President Tinubu must prioritize the fight against terrorism, banditry, and criminality with unwavering determination.

While the newly appointed Service Chiefs and National Security Adviser have expressed their commitment, concrete actions and clear directives are needed. The security agencies require a strong order from the President, coupled with a deadline for achieving results. This will demonstrate his commitment to his promises and the constitutional duty of protecting citizens. By doing so, he can regain the trust and confidence of the people.

To accomplish this mission, security agencies must collaborate effectively. The intelligence services should provide accurate information, enabling the Airforce to target terrorist positions with precision, minimizing collateral damage. The Army can then engage, using their resources to eradicate the terrorists. Collaboration, coordination, and the elimination of inter-service rivalry are crucial.

Once the immediate mission is accomplished, the Armed Forces can focus on long-term issues such as professionalism, training, and scheduling. The Police should be empowered to handle internal security, allowing the Army to focus on safeguarding the country’s territorial integrity. Outsourcing security responsibilities to non-state actors should be discouraged.

Strict adherence to professionalism and specialization within security agencies will ensure effective and expert execution of their duties. This will prevent the compromise of resources, professionalism, and the disparagement of security forces by unauthorized actors. The Police, as the primary internal security agency, must play its designated role while the Armed Forces focus on their core responsibilities.

It is crucial for President Tinubu to walk the talk on security by providing clear orders and deadlines, fostering collaboration among security agencies, and empowering the Police to fulfill their mandate. By taking these decisive actions, he can effectively address the security crisis, fulfill his constitutional duty, and restore hope in the Nigerian people.

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