Tinubu: Keyamo has cases to answer, By Dele Sobowale

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The article written by Dele Sobowale discusses Festus Keyamo, a former Minister of State, and raises concerns about his actions and conduct. Sobowale highlights three grave offenses committed by Keyamo that would have landed him in trouble in any country where the rule of law prevails.

The first offense mentioned is Keyamo’s involvement in the creation of fictitious 774,000 jobs in local government areas. Sobowale questions the legitimacy of the program and raises doubts about the actual implementation of the scheme. He challenges Keyamo to publish the names and addresses of the 1,000 people employed under the program.

The second offense is Keyamo’s claim that it is unconstitutional to appoint Ministers of State, which he voiced during the valedictory session of the Federal Executive Council. Sobowale criticizes Keyamo for accepting and serving in a position that he believed breached the constitution for four years, only raising the issue on his last day in office. He characterizes Keyamo’s actions as unprofessional, immoral, and ungrateful.

The third offense is Keyamo’s involvement in campaigning for a political candidate while serving as a minister. Sobowale questions the ethics of a serving minister campaigning full-time for a candidate and receiving a full salary for his ministerial role.

Overall, Sobowale suggests that how President Tinubu deals with Keyamo will be a test of his sincerity in tackling governance in Nigeria. He raises concerns about Keyamo’s actions and calls for accountability.

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