Nigerian Muslim Ummah condemns burning of Qur’an in Stockholm, Sweden

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The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) and the entire Nigerian Muslim Ummah have strongly condemned the burning of the Qur’an in front of the main Mosque in Stockholm, Sweden. The act is seen as a clear manifestation of Islamophobia and the impunity of those who harbor hatred towards Islam and Muslims. The NSCIA expresses concern over the increasing number of attacks on mosques in Sweden and questions the role of the Swedish police in allowing such offensive and provocative acts to take place. European countries, including Sweden, that permit or justify blasphemy and desecration of Islamic symbols under the guise of freedom of speech are criticized for their hypocrisy and double standards. The NSCIA calls on the Swedish authorities to urgently investigate the matter and ensure justice is served. The Muslim Ummah is urged to remain calm, peaceful, and law-abiding in the face of provocation. The proactive response of Turkey, Morocco, and other Muslim countries on this matter is commended. The NSCIA emphasizes that no Holy Book should be desecrated or disrespected, and it calls for mutual respect and understanding among nations and religions.

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