Precious Umeh, the authentic top scorer in the 2022/23 UTME exam, speaks on how she emerged top

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Precious Umeh, the authentic top scorer in the 2022/23 UTME exam, recently shared insights on how she achieved her remarkable score. During an interview on The Morning Show on Arise News Television, Umeh revealed that prayer played a significant role in her success. She mentioned that she started preparing for the UTME as soon as she entered SS3 (senior secondary school). Umeh focused on reviewing past questions, reading her books, and familiarizing herself with the types of questions that could be asked.

Umeh credited her school, Deeper Life School in Moye, Ogun State, for providing an environment conducive to her academic success. She praised the school’s excellent teachers who showed a deep commitment to their students’ success. These dedicated teachers would come to the school early in the morning and leave late at night, making sacrifices to ensure the students were well-prepared for the exam. Umeh also mentioned that the school emphasized spiritual activities, including prayers and services, which contributed to the overall positive environment.

Despite her love for literature, Umeh expressed her intention to pursue a career in the sciences. She has chosen to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and plans to pursue a master’s and a Ph.D. abroad in the future. While literature remains a hobby for her, she is passionate about the sciences and looks forward to furthering her education in that field.

Umeh acknowledged the influence and support of her parents, who consistently encouraged her and emphasized the importance of studying. She mentioned that her parents regularly called her during weekends and insisted on her commitment to her studies.

When asked about improving the reading culture, Umeh emphasized that success ultimately depends on the determination and choices of the students themselves. Schools can play a role by setting dedicated study times and offering incentives to encourage students. However, she highlighted that students must make a personal decision to succeed and remain determined.

Umeh mentioned two notable role models: Dr. Ben Carson and Pastor W.F. Kumuyi. She admires Dr. Ben Carson for his achievements despite his background, and she has read several of his books. Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the leader of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, is her greatest role model due to his manner of speaking and his fearlessness in addressing important matters. Umeh expressed her desire to meet Pastor Kumuyi in person.

Overall, Precious Umeh’s success in the UTME was attributed to her dedicated preparation, the support of her school and teachers, the influence of her parents, and her personal commitment to excellence.

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