Insecurity: Aso Villa playing host to those Nigeria should have prosecuted —Col. Stan-Labo 

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Security expert Colonel Hassan Stan-Labo expressed his concerns about the Aso Villa hosting individuals who should have been prosecuted for Nigeria’s insecurity issues. He emphasized the need for President Bola Tinubu to avoid repeating the mistakes of the Buhari era.

Colonel Stan-Labo also addressed the recent appointments of new service chiefs, acknowledging their qualifications but emphasizing the importance of seeing how they apply their experience to tackle Nigeria’s security challenges. He called for a national security sector reform that addresses various issues such as funding, manpower, logistics, equipment, training, operations, welfare, border protection, and intelligence surveillance.

The security expert highlighted the need to decrease the influence of non-state actors challenging the use of force by the state and suggested engaging in non-kinetic measures to win the hearts and minds of the people. He emphasized the importance of dominating all forests in Nigeria, including Sambisa Forest, which has been associated with Boko Haram for far too long.

Colonel Stan-Labo expressed disappointment that those who should be prosecuted are overseeing Nigeria’s strategic national assets, highlighting the extent to which corruption has infiltrated all aspects of Nigerian life. He stressed the need for strong leadership to address the country’s challenges and restore trust among Nigerians.

Regarding the security situation in the Southeast, Colonel Stan-Labo proposed engaging in dialogue with groups like IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) to address their concerns rather than resorting to incarceration. He warned that continued incarceration would only make figures like Nnamdi Kanu more relevant and potentially elevate their status as heroes in the region.

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