Resident Doctors Extend Ultimatum to FG by Two Weeks for Salary Increment

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Resident doctors in Nigeria have extended their ultimatum to the Federal Government (FG) by an additional two weeks regarding their demand for a salary increment. The extension is aimed at allowing more time for negotiations and dialogue between the doctors and government representatives.

The resident doctors had initially given a deadline for the government to meet their demands, including the implementation of salary adjustments and payment of arrears. However, recognizing the need for continued discussions, they have decided to extend the ultimatum in the hopes of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement.

The resident doctors play a crucial role in the healthcare system, and their demands for improved remuneration are driven by the desire to ensure fair compensation for their services and to enhance the overall quality of healthcare delivery in the country.

By extending the ultimatum, the resident doctors have demonstrated their commitment to engaging in constructive dialogue with the government. This extension provides an opportunity for both parties to find common ground and work towards a resolution that addresses the concerns of the doctors while taking into account the fiscal realities faced by the government.

It is hoped that the extended deadline will facilitate productive discussions, leading to a positive outcome that recognizes the value of the resident doctors’ work and provides them with the necessary support and remuneration they deserve.

As the negotiations continue, it is crucial for all stakeholders involved to prioritize the well-being of patients and the overall functioning of the healthcare system. The extension of the ultimatum serves as a gesture of goodwill and a commitment to finding a sustainable solution that benefits all parties involved.

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