Nigeria practising plutocracy not democracy —Falana

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Human rights lawyer Femi Falana has stated that Nigeria is practicing plutocracy rather than democracy. He asserts that power in the country is concentrated in the hands of a few wealthy individuals who control the political and economic systems, while the majority of the population is marginalized and excluded from decision-making processes.

According to Falana, the country’s political structure allows a small group of individuals to amass wealth and influence, often through corrupt practices, while the majority of Nigerians suffer from poverty, unemployment, and lack of access to basic services. He highlights the disparities in wealth distribution and the absence of social justice as evidence of the country’s plutocratic tendencies.

Falana argues that true democracy should prioritize the welfare and rights of the people, guarantee equal opportunities, and promote social justice. However, he believes that Nigeria’s current system fails to fulfill these democratic ideals.

Furthermore, Falana has been a vocal advocate for human rights and has consistently criticized the Nigerian government for various issues, including corruption, human rights abuses, and the lack of accountability.

It’s important to note that this statement represents the views and opinions of Femi Falana and may not be universally accepted or agreed upon by all individuals or groups in Nigeria. Different perspectives exist regarding the state of democracy in the country.

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