Ned Nwoko dismisses the baseless rumor of Wike’s influence in the emergence of minority leaders

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Senator Ned Nwoko, representing Delta North Senatorial District, refutes the unsubstantiated claim that former Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, had any influence in the selection of minority leaders for the 10th National Assembly.

Nwoko addressed this matter during an interview with journalists in his office on Wednesday.

The senator categorizes the rumor as groundless, emphasizing that Wike cannot represent the seven political parties that comprise the minority.

As a member of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nwoko asserts that the opposition senators made their own decisions prior to Tuesday’s plenary session.

He states, “The minority parties in the 10th assembly consist of seven political parties. This is the requirement for those parties to nominate the minority leader. The question is, is Wike a member of these seven political parties?”

Nwoko explains that certain procedures, including the collection of signatures, were followed in the unveiling of the minority leaders over the past two weeks. Consequently, he believes there is nothing anyone can do at this point.

He further mentions that if the PDP wishes to participate in the leadership nomination process, they should have called for meetings during the inauguration of the 10th Assembly. Nwoko concludes by stating, “So nobody should cry over spilled milk.”

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