Nasarawa APC’s Demand for LG Chairman’s Arrest Over Alleged Security Threat

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The Nasarawa State Chapter of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Stakeholders Forum has called for the apprehension of Hon. Samuel Akala, the former Chairman of Karu Local Government, and other individuals claiming to be concerned APC stakeholders. The demand aims to prevent a potential security threat posed by this group.

Addressing the issue in Lafia, Dr. Kassim Muhammed Kassim, the State Chairman of the Council of APC Stakeholders Forum, emphasized the importance of arresting these individuals to determine the true identity of the anonymous Chairman claiming to represent the APC stakeholders in the state.

Dr. Kassim explained that the forum had observed a series of press conferences conducted by a faceless group falsely using the party’s name and forum for impersonation. He emphasized the urgency of apprehending the leader of this anonymous group responsible for perpetuating security threats and attempting to incite tribal and religious crises in the state. Their actions, he claimed, aim to create unrest, defame individuals, and unjustly implicate the Governor.

Dr. Kassim also dismissed the legitimacy of the group known as Concerned Nasarawa APC Stakeholders, stating that no such organization exists in the state. He challenged Hon. Samuel Akala to hold press conferences in Lafia instead of issuing statements from neighboring Abuja.

Furthermore, Dr. Kassim asserted that genuine APC stakeholders would never endorse a proposed PDP Speakership candidate in an APC state like Nasarawa State, as allegedly done by the self-proclaimed APC Concerned Stakeholders. He emphasized that the Concern APC Stakeholders group lacks recognition from the party or the Government of Nasarawa State and, therefore, has no authority to speak on any issues in the state.

Dr. Kassim addressed baseless accusations and slanderous assaults directed at the Chief Judge and the Governor, stating that they are motivated by personal agendas rather than genuine concerns.

Regarding the composition of the Hon. Daniel Ogazi group, Dr. Kassim clarified that it consists of only 10 members, refuting the claim made by the group that they have 13 members. He also highlighted ongoing court cases filed by the Hon. Daniel Ogazi team, clarifying that no restraining order has been issued to ban the 14 members of the Balarabe group from conducting business in the Nasarawa Assembly.

In terms of salaries, Dr. Kassim emphasized that members who have not been inaugurated should not be paid, as there is no authority or law mandating such payments. He urged the Hon. Daniel Ogazi-led 10 members to accept defeat, return to the Assembly for effective representation, and refrain from engaging in a leadership struggle.

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