Ndukwe Onuoha, Nigerian-born poet, elected councillor in the UK

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Ndukwe Onuoha, spoken word poet and former Creative Director at Lagos based 7Interactive has been elected councillor in the Mackworth and New Zealand ward of Derby City in the United Kingdom.

Ndukwe ran under the banner of the Labour party and now becomes part of the cohort of new councillors elected in local elections that were held on Thursday May 4, 2023.

His election is historic because he is the first African to be elected in Derby.

Reacting to his win on Instagram, Ndukwe who moved to the UK two years ago as a Global Talent endorsed by the Art Council thanked his constituents. “Thank you Mackworth and New Zealand ward. We made history.”

“It means that anthing is possible if vou put vourself forward and if you want to be given an opportunity. Also, being the first ever African to be elected in Derby comes with a burden of history, and I cannot afford to disappoint myself, the community, and our heritage.”

The ruling Tory party received a walloping across the nation in local elections giving a filip to the Labour party which is aiming to take over power from Rishi Sunak’s Conservative party.

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