Thai Lottery Result Today Live 1st January 2020

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Today each and everyone wants to earn some extra passive income. The Thai Lottery is one of the best ways to earn a lot of passive income. But getting Thai Lottery Winning Tips and numbers was not an easy task. People spend a lot of money, time and effort to find a good Thai Lottery Winning number but all their efforts go to vain. Today in this post along with Thai Lottery Result, I will give you a brief introduction of what Thai Lottery is? , What is the Thai Lottery Draw Method?, How to Win Thai Lottery and Thai Lottery Latest Tips.

Thai Lottery Brief Introduction 

Thai lottery is the most famous lottery in Thailand and different parts of the world. People invest a large amount of their money to double or triple their income. Its popularity is increasing day by day among the people of all regions. It is organized by the government of Thailand(GLO). Thai Lottery has also different names including Thai Lotto, Thailand Lottery, Thai Lottery, etc.

Thai Lottery is the legal form of gambling in Thailand. The invested money is safe and also your price is safe and secure. Due to its safety, it is played all across the globe. A lot of people try their luck each month to get the maximum profit.

Thai Lottery Result Drawing procedure 

Thai Lottery Results are drawn twice a month on the 1st and 16th dates. People that are unaffiliated with the Thai Lottery came to draw to check the fairness in the results. The Drawings are held at the official headquarters of the Thailand lottery which is also known as “GLO HEADQUARTERS“. Thai Lottery’s main guest starts the procedure that is mentioned below.

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