Religion; A tale by pious men to excuse their Heinous Acts.

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Anaba Tochukwu wisdom.

Religion has no universality in definition. Over the years, scholars have conceptualized it according to their school of thought. Notable among such scholars is Emile Durkeim, who sees Religion as the self-validation of a society by means of myth and ritual.It is the unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden. To Thomas O'Dea,religion, like culture is a symbolic transformation of experience. Frederick Strengpostulates religion as a means to ultimate transformation. Joseph Adler, sees religion as a means of ultimate transformation and/or orientation.

The above scholars, Adler, Streng and O'Dea opined that religion is a means of Transformation. To these individuals, religion is a tool for transmogrifying the thinking process or mindset of individuals.

I know a drug called Religion, intoxicating and stupefying. A song by fanatics to misguide and delude gullible elements into doing their biddings. One barely knows what is moral. As long as it is coming from the mouth of a pontiff, it is worthy and plausible.

In our world today, piety is the best cloud for one's horrible actions. Religious leaders around the world have been convicted for various crimes; violent and non-violent. Shoko Asahara, founder of Aum shinrikyo(a Buddhist new religious movement in Japan) was sentenced to death by hanging under Japanese law for involvement in the 1995 Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway.

Tony Alamo, head of a Santa clarita communewas convicted of Tax evasion in 1994 and then resided in a half way house in Texarkana. In 2009, he was convicted of 10 federal counts of taking minors across state lines for sex, and sentenced to 150 years in federal prison.

Matthew F. Hale, former leader of a creativity movement was sentenced to a 40 yearprison term for soliciting an undercover FBI informant to kill a federal judge.

Evril LeBaron led a small sect of polygamous Mormon fundamentalists, and was convicted of involvement in the murder of two people and plot to kill another person in 1981.

In Nigeria, the Federal Capital Territory Abuja on Tuesday 25th, 2019, sentenced one pastor Basil Princewill, to prison for rape.Chukwuemeka Ezeugo, simply known by his sobriquet Reverend King, is a Christian preacher from Anambra state, south-east Nigeria. He was sentenced to death in January 2007, for the murder of a church member, Ann Uzoh.

Man's allegiance to the supreme being has been hijacked by individuals with ulterior motives. It is more of a pity that religion is now the justification for certain callous motives. Human motives can be deceptive. The heart of man is desperately wicked. Whenever a person does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is usually from the noblest motives.

Man in his feeble, frail and fragile nature sought for a contact with some form of deity. A higher purpose. Incapable of doing things on his own, he sought for a medium of self- gratification. Man's inherently emotive naturepaved a way for the creation of his personal god; one that he would sacrifice to, worship and commune with. The creation and manufacturing of these deities are but mere ideas, created to satisfy man's emotions, superstition and anthropopathy. A fictitious fabrication of fantasy and imagination.

Eloquentwords are instruments wielded and harnessed by pontiffs to sway the minds of fleeceble, naive and gullible individuals. Man's mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether neglected or cultivated, it must, and will bring forthfruit of some sort. Hitherto the advent of the imperialists, Africans had their traditionalreligion. The colonial masters altered the mindset of Africans with the introduction of a superior religion. While Africans were asked to pray with their eyes close, contrary to their previous mode of worship, the colonialists with their eyes open exploited the land. Religion is an instrument for hegemony. A tool for exploitation. Fanatics brainwashed in the name of Religiosity.


It is no gainsay that 70% of insurgency is linked to Faith. One's faith is now the sole determinant of actions and inactions. It is easy to say that every facet of inter-human activity throughout history has always been conditioned by the struggle for Faith.

Often i havewondered why a person with a suicide belt ( bomb) will walk into a crowd and detonate it. One notion echoes 'Religion'. Islamist supporters often call such a suicide attack. ISTISHHAD is translated as "martyrdom operation" and the suicide attacker SHAHID, meaning "witness or martyr"; the idea being that the attacker died in order to testify his faith in God, for example, whilewaging jihad bis salif( jihad by sword). The martyrdom operation has been embraced by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, All-Aqsa Nartyrs Brigade and Fatah.

Islamic Terrorism is presently a threat to peaceful co-existence around the world. These fanatics in the name of Religion strive to demolish already established peace among nations of the world, by seeking to integrate the world under one religion - Islam - through violent means, forgetting that every human has the right of association.

These terrorists are usually manipulated and coaxed by pontiffs whose main agenda is jihadism. Religion in the hand of these pontiffs is a weapon wielded for selfish reasons. Religion is their umbrella, shield, shade and protection.

When religious leaders are accused of paedophilia, people find it unbelievable due to their social influence and moral authority.These religuous leaders are idolized,adored, revered and venerated by their followers; ascribing godlike encomiums to mortal men. This is so because the presence of religion relegates logical reasoning. Tell a man that there's a reward somewhere in the after life, you can get him to take any action. Religion tells you that God is up there and we are down here. A fallacy.

Religion alienates moral standards; it destroys right and elevates  wrong, basedon intentions and motives. Religion is to one, what deception is to another. When a man is over zealously religious, his judgement is clouded by sentiments.

To Karl Marx,Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

Religion is hypocritical. Religious heads find it difficult to walk their talk or practice what they preach. They always go contrary to their preachings. Religion is irrational. Its essence negates the very concept of humanism.Religion exists only to satisfy mans quest for materialism and economism. A subterfuge.

One major reason for Black Africa's undervelopment is Religion. Black Africa holds the record for the world's richest religious leaders with massive worship centers. Nigeria for example, over the past few years has become a tourist center for individuals all over the world seeking a contact with divinity via solutions to problemsranging from health, psychological to financial issues. Yet the country wallows in shame and pity; a sorry state, and utterly immersed in hardship. Yet there are followers of these religious leaders who are impoverished and less attention is given to them.

Religion is the scum of Mother Earth. In conclusion, it is not a crime to be pious, but one must refuse the veil of ignorance covered by religiosity. One must be rational, skeptical and scrupulous, refusing to accept anything for what they are called but empirically investigating any notion or phenomenon to arrive at a plausible conclusion. Like the Holy Bible puts it "search the scriptures."



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