Leicester City helicopter crash ‘began with MAJOR failure of tail rotor’

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THE Leicester City helicopter crash could have started with a major failure in the chopper’s tail rotor, a senior air crash investigator has said.

If you lose a substantial portion of the rotor blade, you get a very large imbalance because you’re still flying around on the other blades, so that would pull the whole tail rotor off the aircraft.”

Asked if there was anything the pilot could have done when the helicopter started spinning, Cable responded: “The normal technique for this is to chop the power.

“You take all the power off the engines off the main rotor and that should stop the aircraft rotating then.

“You then would enter a descent, which is a controlled descent.”

But it may have already been too late by this point, as Cable said it was “clearly way out of control.”

Aviation expert Jim Rowlands, a former RAF Puma crew member, told The Sun: “There’s no real coming back from that. The only way is down.

“The pilot has clearly done an incredible job, really.”

Football has been in mourning since the tragedy, which came shortly after Leicester City’s 1-1 draw with West Ham.

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