Check out the Best Family Leader in Youth Alive Fellowship Eleyele in the year 2018?

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New Dawn Greetings!

In continuation of the ongoing GAFS 2018,

The best Family Leader will be selected tomorrow and this will be done by a *voting system* .

Therefore, all family leaders should mobilize their members to be present tomorrow all through the program, as the *Leader with the highest vote by the deadline time wins the 2018 YAFE Best Family Leader Award 🥇.

Unique voting codes* will be made available to each attendee of tomorrow’s event in a strategic way. Voting exercise will run between 5:30pm & 7:00pm .

However all codes will be given to attendees in the ongoing event before the voting time, immediately the voting commences no more codes will be made available to any personnel (i.e. Family Members Punctuality is Key).
Remain Blessed!

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