TBoss’ sister, Wendy, hints at breaking up with her baby daddy after he did “the one thing she can’t forgive”

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TBoss’ elder sister, Wendy has hinted at breaking up with her baby daddy after he did something she “can’t forgive”.


Wendy, who has a daughter with Dameon and got engaged to him last year, wrote:


So last night I did not sleep at all. Like I saw the sun come up. I danced for a good 5hr to release my stress. It worked for a little while.

Today I’m done with all that. I know what is important to me, My family and my money.

I can’t play these games with you no more. You piss me off I do the same and it goes on and on with no ending. Yesterday you did the one thing I can’t forgive

You entered my friends inbox

You knew I would find out but you did it anyways with no respect to me.

I was mad but you know what,Everyone is grown and can do what the fuck they want and with who.

I have no Energy to fight and I keep putting my work aside for unimportant things.

And the truth is what I was always afraid of still happened.

We both have our stories and as much as you want people to think you are innocent God knows better and the best part is you know better. You know what you always did. People love to act innocent.

I don’t speak to you cause I’m hurt and can’t lie that I still do love you.

But I pick me. I’m sorry if that does not work with your plans but I’m done.

I cried all my tears .

So keep fighting me in secret but you will be doing it on your own. Take what is left from me and it’s still ok. I don’t blame you and I forgive you.

Live and be happy with who you picked. Create your memories with them. You sure had no problem moving on so now be happy. It’s all ok?




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