Facebook Jurassic World promo features AR dinosaurs

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Jurassic World Facebook AR ad partnership

Jurassic World AR stickers linked to the DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie take Facebook ads out of your feed and into the real world

Facebook is a strange place these days. It is hard to put your finger on who is using the social network as tales of younger users abandoning Facebook for Snapchat and Instagram just won’t go away. Add to that the auto-playing video ads, and constant attempts to create new products and ways of engaging with users and it is hard to put your finger on what a normal Facebook experience is like these days.

In spite of all the social network’s public image woes recently, Facebook’s gaze is fixed firmly on the future. This may be contributing to its lack of definition, but it does mean that some of the new things we’re seeing are quite innovative. While Facebook is certainly guilty of cramming more ads into every part of the social experience, a recent attempt to use AR (Augmented Reality) as a way of enhancing the ads for both vendor and customer has been impressive.

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