“Donald Trump is the Devil” – Little kids chant to the amusement of adults

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A mother shared a video of her 4-year-old daughter chanting “Donald Trump is the Devil” and another mother shared a video of her son doing the same and adults are amused by it.


The first mother to share the video wrote: “If you haven’t heard the smash hit song “Donald Trump is the Devil” by my 4yr old, Harper Olivia! Check it out! Ironically she was taking a shit while singing about a piece of “.


In the video, the little girl is heard singing the song she formed with the name of the President of the United States.


After the video was shared, another mother recorded her son singing “Donald Trump is the Devil” and shared online.


Twitter users who replied to the video found it amusing. However, there were those who pointed out that it is wrong to condition the children’s mind at such a young age to begin hating.


Watch both videos below.

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