23 Celebs Who Ditched Their Partners… For Someone Of The Same Gender

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23 Celebs Who Ditched Their Partners… For Someone Of The Same Gender.

These stars are hetero no more!

These 23 celebrities went gay after dumping their terrible exes. For some people, sexuality is fixed: you’re born either homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual. For others, sexuality can be a little more… fluid. Sometimes a bad experience with the opposite gender can genuinely make a bicurious person want to jump ship off the heteronormative lifestyle and see what a relationship with someone of the same gender is like. Other people are perhaps born gay, but then want to hide that part of themselves, so they force themselves into heterosexual relationships and hope it sticks, only to find out later that in fact, it does not, and they have to leave their partners to find someone else of their gender. Who knows?


However, while the details of most people’s sexuality tend not to turn heads, the same cannot be said of celebrities… especially when a seemingly straight celebrity suddenly dumps their partner for a person of the same gender. Whoa! Tabloids think that’s crazy. And there have been quite a few examples throughout Hollywood’s sordid history. From gay celebrities who probably shouldn’t have tried to enter into heterosexual relationships in the first place to bisexual celebrities who have dated both men and women, we have some of the most thrilling and shocking examples in our slideshow. Keep reading

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