Thai lottery cut 3UP & Down tips 1-5-2018

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Thai lottery cut 3UP & Down tips 1-5-2018 

The information for cut 3UP, 2UP  and Down number. Cut number tips are used for consideration to neglect some of number to save cost. These are the information for 1 may 2018 

Thai Lotto 123 Single Digit for 1 may 2018. As you now that our website got high ranked by the Google due to our honest and best tips. But you will get these tips, not on other platforms. You must have followed the tips and tricks that have been posted on our website.

Our mission is only to help others. If we will not think about the others and poor needy peoples then who will do care for them? So we just have to make the team of the people of you and our peoples who can support them. So please follow these tips and tricks and support us to promote the VIP 3 Digit Number on the May 2018

Cut number tips from Pi-Koon-Thong 1-5-2018 
Cut number tips from Formula by Benjamin 16-05-2016

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