7 Tips To Help You Win The Lottery

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7 Tips To Help You Win The Lottery

Probably you have heard about some of the lucky people who win enormous lottery jackpots and might have wondered if they have some secret trick that increased chances of winning. I will just say keep calm and study the 7 tips an about to show you.

The truth is that there probably isn’t some deep, dark secret or trick that makes some players losers and others winners.

Here are 7 tips that may help increase your chances of winning a lottery:

1. Pooling your money with other lottery players, often called a lottery syndicate, means you’ll have more numbers and tickets, which means a better chance of winning. Of course you’ll have more people to share the money with but you probably won’t be complaining if you land a $500 million jackpot between 10 people for example! Playing syndicate or group games is a sure fire way to increase your odds without spending fortunes.

2.Don’t pick consecutive numbers. If playing a jackpot with 5 winning numbers where the numbers go up to 55, the total of your numbers should be between 104 and 176. According to studies 70% of all lottery jackpots have sums that fall within that range.

3.Buying more tickets can also increase your chances of winning the lottery. It’s a simple law of probability: the problem is you’ll have to spend a lot to make it worth and paying for tickets means less profit.

4.For lottery games that always have a winner, play the more unpopular games and times. This will also enhance your chances of winning.

5.Don’t choose all of your numbers from the same number group or that end with the same digit. It’s possible that you might win, but the probability is still very low.

6.Many people play numbers that correspond to dates, such as their own birthday and birthdays of family members. This means that there are often more numbers chosen between 1 and 31 to correspond with the day of the month. If you choose higher numbers than 31, you won’t increase chances of winning, but you will boost your odds of not sharing a jackpot with another winner.

7.Play less popular lotteries that have fewer players and thus less competition.


7 Tips To Help You Win The Lottery

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