Winners Golden Chance Lotto

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Winners Golden Chance Lotto

Winners Golden Chance Lotto was Established in the year 2015 and is ranged to be second out of all the Top Ten Lottery in Nigeria. They have now advance to the extent that they can now play all their Games online.

Lottery Balls

Name Of All Golden Chance Games And The Day They Play Each Of Them.

Games               playing Time              Day

Jamboree.         Monday          6Am-11Am

Gateway.          Monday.          11Am-3pm

Monday Special  Monday      3pm-7pm

Tresure               Monday        7pm.9pm

Jamboree           Tuesday      6am-11am

Redemption      Tuesday       11Am-3pm

Lucky G             Tuesday         3pm-7pm

Destiny              Tuesday         7pm.9pm

Golden Star      Wednesday    6am-11am

Supreme           Wednesday    11Am-3pm

Midweek          Wednesday     3pm-7pm

Bravo                Wednesday     7pm.9pm

Morning Dew  Thursday         6am-11am

Wazobia           Thursday         11Am-3pm

Fortune            Thursday        3pm-7pm

Tango                Thursday        7pm.9pm

Champion        Friday              6am-11am

Alubaika            Friday             11Am-3pm

Bonanza            Friday              3pm-7pm

Starlight            Friday              7pm.9pm

Bazooka            Saturday           6am-11am

Sunshine           Saturday           11Am-3pm

National            Saturday           3pm-7pm

Thunderball     Saturday           7pm.9pm

Best Chance     Sunday               6am-11am

Better Life        Sunday               11Am-3pm

Express             Sunday               3pm-7pm

Key                      Sunday              7pm.9pm

Am sure with the enlightenment of the above arranged game, you can now differentiate each of the games.

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Winners Golden Chance Lotto

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