Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today: Black Market Rate 2017.

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Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today
Dollar To Naira Today (Black Market)

How much is Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today, Black & Parallel Market  The conversion of Dollar to Naira Today July 2017 Is Updated Here Daily Due to fluctuations when Exchanging 1 (USD) Dollar To Naira. 

Not withstanding 2016 has been an unfortunate year for Nigeria Naira as it excessively depreciates against the US dollars. It has has not been so in recent years, the current dollar to naira exchange rate today is updated daily here.

Not only dollar, EURO and Pounds has risen graciously against our precious naira, though Central Bank Of Nigeria charges low when compared to inter banks. The action needs to be taken care of as different banks charges at different rate.

dollar to naira exchange rate
Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today

I have compiled All Nigerian Banks Exchange Rate for Dollars, EURO and Naira, Important you can also check out how much GTBankcharges for a dollar, Euro and Pounds since the basic currency we trade most is the US Dollars, European EUROs and Great Britain Pounds.

Dollar to naira exchange rate today for October 2017, Note that the below information will be updated daily and I have taken actionable steps to compile both Central Bank Exchange Rate Today and Black Market Rate


CBN $1 Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today October 2017

Buying Rate: N306.5
Selling Rate: N305.5

Black Market $1 Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today October 2017.

As of Today, Dollar to Naira is exchanged at the rate below, Note that you might be charged higher or lower than the rates below, FX markets rate changes hourly.

Buying Rate: N361
Selling Rate: N364

The fluctuation of dollar to naira exchange rate black market has been static between 386 – 390 these days which is too high to be called a good exchange rate, Buying things with my Naira MasterCard is now a dream, I’d rather use Payoneer MasterCard.

Series of changes has occurred in Nigeria’s Economy and it’s affecting business owners and importers who rely solely on selling Imported Goods and Services, It’s of no more news that the three basic needs of life is now expensive in the country even the cost of living in the country has skyrocketed.


Date Naira Per Dollar
1999 N21.89
2001 N85.98
2002 N99 – N106
2003 N109 – N113
2004 N114 – N127
2005 N127 – N130
2006 128.50-131.80
2007 120-125
2008 115.50-120
2009 145-171
2010 148.21-154.8
2011 151.05-165.1
2012 155.09-161.5
2013 153.21-162.9

Furthermore, Looking at the charts of Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate from 1999 make me feel a little awkward. The naira has been a winning competitor against the dollar in the bye days, this time the economy is strong and we rely mostly on goods produced here.

Consequently from 1995-1999 it’s pegged at N21.89 but everything changed when year 2000 Kicked in, the dollar to naira exchange rate was called to be N85.98, In 2011 – 2014dollar was exchanged for N150 – N153 and when 2015 / 2016 comes in naira dropped massively against dollar.


Looking at what causes this, I came to think that we rely mostly on importing than exporting goods, We rather export toothpick than to create it here in Nigeria, China, Japan and Italy has now been a forward factor when opting in for new products.

In other words, another factor that causes that influence the sudden fall of naira against dollar is Petroleum, Nigeria Main source of income is this, we believed so much in Petroleum and whenever this resource price fall at the world market, Nigeria Naira would follow it.

Nigeria is country blessed with Agriculture Products, Technology is growing faster in the country and we are still developing, If Nigeria can leverage selling Agricultural Products combined with Petroleum, It would be a success for the country.

In short form Nigeria seeks for more dollars compared to naira this is caused by massive importation of Product. To solve this we need to export more products out of the country than importing.

Finally that is it about Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market 2017. Kindly Help by sharing this post to other entrepreneurs out there.



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