All You Need To Know About Winners Golden Chance Channel Drill Lottery Promo

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I have really Analyzed a lot of things based on the Channeldrill Lottery Promo. Is as now be the talk of the tawn for both young and old.

This article talks about what Channel Drll Lottery Promo is all about

It has be clearn to everyone that Channel drill promo was Organized by Winners Golden Chance (WGC) a Lotto company in Nigeria, The Channel drill Lottery Promo which as started since the 6th of January 2017 in still in progress up till date. Winners Golden chance as seen this as another mist in which they can use to elevate some people who are ready to benefit from this platform before the promo comes to an end.

Winners Golden Chance Channel Drill Lottery Promo

Although they firstly introduce Imperial Promo Last year  December 3 2016 

WGC really realise a lot of Money from this promo that’s why dey introduce another one again,  in which we don’t know when is going to end.

Two Micra car as been give to Two people so far,

And ever since then nothing more. They completely change the plan of the program, which was firstly stated that, you can either win 25,000 or 50,000 daily. This as been reduce to 10,000 daily

This are the view people that has benefit from the promo program

Winners Golden Chance Channel Drill Lottery Promo

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