Lottery Mastermind Fraud Admits He Rigged Jackpots

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It has been revealed that Lottery Mastermind Fraud Admits He Rigged Jacpots Former lottery computer programmer { DES MOINES } as pleaded that He is guilty in lower to running  crime scheme, this has allowed him to collect millions of Dollars in lottery winning in four other states.

Lottery Mastermind Fraud Admits He Rigged Jackpots

Tommy Tipton also pleaded guilty Thursday in lowa and was sentenced to 75 years jail.

A man who helped write the computer code behind several U.S. lotteries pleaded guilty to rigging the winning numbers for jackpots in several states. Eddie Tipton pleaded guilty to one count of ongoing criminal conduct and publicly acknowledged his lead role in the scheme for the first time

Former Multi State Lottery Association security directly Eddie Tipton on Thursday admitted that the he manipulation the computer software he designed , which allowed him to provide winning numbers to his brother and others.

Tipton, his brother Tommy Tipton and Texas a businessman Robert Rhodes will repay $2.2 million in prizes they improperly claimed in Colorado, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Kansas.

Lottery Mastermind Fraud Admits He Rigged Jackpots

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