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“Nollywood is arguably controlled by women” Mary Remmy Njoku says as she narrates how a law firm refused to let her sign as a guarantor but allowed a male colleague

ByDiamond TV

Jun 11, 2022
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Mary Remmy Njoku has recounted an incident where a law firm refused to allow her stand as a guarantor for her family member but allowed a male colleague to do so.

She explained that the family member needed a guarantor for her rent and she went to the lawyer’s office to sign on behalf of the relative.

However, the founder of ROK TV said the lawyer refused to let her sign, even after she showed proof that she is a trustworthy guarantor and contributes to society.

She said that when a male colleague came, he was allowed to sign as a guarantor for her family member.

She slammed the lawyer for being someone who “lives in a box” and called her a “fool”.

Mary then pointed out that women are now “doing big things too.”

“Today, Nollywood is arguably controlled by women,” she wrote, adding, “We sign almost all the cheques.”

She said the law firm later called to apologise.

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