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Woman who claims to be related to Sound Engineer who was beaten and burnt to death in Lekki tells what she said really happened

ByDiamond TV

May 19, 2022
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A Twitter user claiming to be the sister-in-law of David, the sound engineer who was killed by a mob in Lekki, Lagos state over the weekend, has come out with her account of what happened.

In a series of Tweets, OpetheKing said that David was just out to separate a fight between two men and an Okada man in Lekki phase 1 when he was wrongly accused of being a Yahoo boy/ritualist.

She said the two male passengers had given the Okada man N500 for a ride which cost them N400, and asked for their balance of N100. However the okada rider told them he didn’t have N100 so they gave him N300 and promised to balance up whenever they are around the area stating that they regularly ply the road. The bike man refused to collect the said amount and this reportedly led to a fracas in which the bike man was punched after he tore the shirt of one of the men. The bike man was said to have fainted as a result of being punched and this attracted passers-by and other okada riders who gathered and asked the men to wake the bike man up

Ope said that was when David interfered to try to calm the situation. However because there was an issue of a man who had allegedly slumped and died previously and his death was linked to Yahoo boys on bike, the crowd thought the same thing had happened to the bike man.

According to her, when David saw the situation was getting intense, he went somewhere to hide. She said a woman who was part of the crowd that gathered was the one who falsely accused David of being a Yahoo boy and then showed the mob where he was hiding.

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