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Nigerian woman welcomes healthy baby and bags PhD after contracting Covid while pregnant and fearing she won’t make it

ByDiamond TV

Dec 15, 2021
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A woman who contracted Covid-19 while pregnant, and feared she won’t survive, has welcomed her baby and she attended her PhD graduation on the same day she was discharged with her baby.

Dr Kudaisi said she contracted Coronavirus in August.

She said she feared she and the baby wouldn’t survive. She also feared that she wouldn’t graduate with her mates.

Fortunately, on Dec 8, she welcomed a healthy baby girl. She was discharged from the hospital with her baby on the day of her PhD graduation and she was able to also attend the graduation she feared she might have to push back.

“Double blessings,” The PhD graduate wrote as she posed in her graduation garb while carrying her newborn.

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