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“I have been married for years and I have never cooked” Flying Doctors Nigeria founder, Dr Ola Brown, reveals

ByDiamond TV

Dec 10, 2021
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Dr Ola Brown has weighed in on the conversation about women being compelled to cook for family gatherings.

The conversation has been on for days now on Twitter after a man said his wife will not cook at any family gathering. He suggested that a caterer should be hired instead.

This led to a debate as people said the cooking is to allow the women to bond.

Those opposing asked why men don’t cook to bond too. They questioned why the women are expected to cook at every family gathering while the men stay together drinking.

However, people in support of the tradition insisted that women who don’t join others in cooking will be alienated.

Reacting, Dr Ola Brown, the founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria, revealed she has been married for years and has never cooked.

She added that if she wants to bond with other women, they will go to the spa, not the kitchen.

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