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Sky uses cookies to create a better experience for you

ByDiamond TV

Dec 10, 2021
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Sky Sports requires your consent for Sky and our trusted partners to store and access cookies, unique identifiers, personal data, and information on your browsing behaviour on this device. This applies to Sky Sports only. You can change your preferences at any time in “Privacy Options”, located at the bottom of every page. You don’t have to accept, but some personalised content and advertising may not work if you don’t. If you have previously rejected tracking at device level (such as in iOS14 Apple App Tracking Transparency settings), clicking Accept means that we will store and access cookies and information on your device as described below, but your activity will not be tracked across other apps and websites. Our partners use your data for:Store and/or access information on a deviceCookies, device identifiers, or other information can be stored or accessed on your device for the purposes presented to you.Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product developmentAds and content can be personalised based on a profile. More data can be added to better personalise ads and content. Ad and content performance can be measured. Insights about audiences who saw the ads and content can be derived. Data can be used to build or improve user experience, systems and software.Precise geolocation data, and identification through device scanningPrecise geolocation and information about device

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