BBNaijaAllStars: Trolls Went to Extremes with Obituary Posters, Shares Angel

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#BBNaijaAllStars: Trolls Went to Extremes with Obituary Posters, Shares Angel

Angel Smith, a former Big Brother Naija contestant, has revealed the harrowing extent of online harassment she endured during her participation in the 2021 season of the reality show. Trolls went as far as creating obituary posters using her name.

In a recent interview with media personality Hero Daniels, Angel bravely discussed the traumatic incidents she faced due to her transparency about her mental health struggles during the 2021 “Shine Ya Eye” season.

While Angel’s intention was to shed light on mental health and reduce stigma, it unfortunately made her a target for relentless online abuse.

In Angel’s own words:

“This season on Big Brother, I struggled to be vulnerable a lot because in ‘Shine Ya Eye’ 2021, I talked about my mental health and how much I struggled a lot, and they [trolls] started using it against me. I mean, there were all sorts of narratives that I’m a crazy person, I belong in a mental hospital…”

“It’s hurtful to hear those things. I saw a tweet in 2021, someone said, ‘Very soon she would soon ht herself.’ Because I spoke about self-hting.”

“There were a lot of hurtful things I came back out to [in 2021]: People made obituary posters for me.”

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