“Wasting N120M on incorrect people who are only correct in their bumbum” – Kanayo blast BBNAIJA housemates

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Veteran movie star, Kanayo O Kanayo, has strongly criticized BBNaija housemates for their inability to answer basic general knowledge questions, sparking a wave of criticism from fans.

Videos surfaced showing the housemates struggling to provide accurate responses to seemingly simple questions, prompting widespread disappointment among viewers.

Sample questions included: ‘What is the body’s primary source of energy?’, ‘What color is a giraffe’s tongue?’, ‘Whose face is on the 100 naira bill?’, and ‘Which body is responsible for making laws in Nigeria?’

Kanayo O Kanayo expressed his disapproval, stating that the show wasted a significant sum of money on individuals with limited intellectual capabilities. He argued that this money could have been better allocated to support the educational sector.

He wrote: ‘Wasted 120m on INCORRECT PEOPLE who are only correct with their bumbum. Money that should have been channelled to a CORRECT educational program.'”

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