Speed Darlington Hilda Baci Mr Macaroni

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Speed Darlington expressed his frustration and scolded popular chef Hilda Baci for choosing to take a photo with Mr Macaroni instead of him. The rapper, who is based abroad, shared a photo of Mr Macaroni and Hilda together and jokingly questioned if it was a pre-wedding photo.

Speed Darlington was disappointed that Hilda Baci, who he believes possesses the curves he desires, opted to take a photo with Mr Macaroni rather than him. He pointed out that while Mr Macaroni is a funny comedian, he possesses more promising opportunities than Mr. Macaroni does.

Furthermore, Speed Darlington claimed that he and Hilda would make a better couple because his current location is closer to Calabar, implying that they would be geographically more suitable as a pair.

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