“I want UFC to stage our fight” – Mark Zuckerberg challenges Elon Musk

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A clash between tech giants Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk has captured public attention, with details of their proposed fight becoming a subject of dispute. Musk had initially announced an extravagant location in Italy for the duel, intending to livestream it on X and Meta platforms. However, Zuckerberg responded by suggesting involvement from Dana White and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to organize the event, emphasizing the spotlight on elite athletes. Zuckerberg clarified that he hadn’t agreed to Musk’s terms yet and stressed the importance of a well-coordinated event. The fight’s origins trace back to Musk’s idea of a cage match after learning about Zuckerberg’s Threads project. Unfortunately, recent developments indicate that Musk’s minor shoulder surgery will delay the showdown by a few months.

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