Lagos Hot Spot: A Hub for Daylight Robberies

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The once-bustling area of Lagos has unfortunately turned into a robbers’ den, plagued by daylight robberies that pose a significant threat to residents and commuters alike.

The roads at Doyin, Orile Iganmu, are in a deplorable state, creating an ideal environment for criminals to thrive. The ongoing traffic congestion due to the badly damaged road has become a hotspot for opportunistic miscreants, who take advantage of the situation to target distressed commuters.

For over four months, the state government has shown little progress in repairing the road, leaving it vulnerable to the incessant activities of robbers. Teenagers, armed with dangerous weapons, are the prime culprits behind these attacks, making the once-busy axis of Lagos a nightmare for motorists.

The absence of police presence has further exacerbated the situation, giving these robbers a sense of impunity to operate freely both day and night. The criminals have deliberately dug deep craters on the main road at strategic points, causing traffic gridlocks, which they exploit to carry out their nefarious acts.

Motorists have become victims of violent robberies, with assailants demanding money and looting valuables, including phones, jewelry, and personal belongings. The audacity of these criminals is such that they operate in groups, instilling fear and dread among the affected community.

Regrettably, the police have been unable to effectively tackle the rising menace. Some criminals even manage to escape arrest, as they seem to enjoy immunity from the law. The situation is so dire that even prominent members of the press have fallen victim to these daylight robberies.

The swamp area opposite Doyin pedestrian bridge, known as Ojuafeje/Adeleye settlement, has become a notorious hideout for these robbers. From there, they closely monitor traffic conditions and pounce on vulnerable motorists, compounding the dangers on the roads.

Urgent action is required from the authorities to address this alarming issue. Repairing the road and ensuring a smooth traffic flow would lessen opportunities for the criminals. Additionally, deploying more police resources and enhancing law enforcement efforts will be critical to dismantling these criminal networks and restoring safety and security to the area. The residents and commuters of Lagos deserve to reclaim their streets from the clutches of these brazen robbers.

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